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MF2800 baler

The new bar in efficiency, quality, productivity and a job well done.

The MF2800 series high capacity balers deliver the best in efficiency, comfort and convenience.

  • Real-time monitoring and bale control, all from the console.
  • Quad Cylinder System means better bales.
  • Independent Flotation System for smooth, stable, fast performance.
  • Model Bale size in mm Bale weight in kg Recommended PTO hp (kw)
    MF2846 46.5 x 72.0 (1,182 x 1,829) 764 65 (49)


With redesigned twine storage, servicing the balers has never been easier.  Not only are the drive chains heavier for reduced maintenance, the twine storage was also moved to the doors for easier access to drive chains.
An optional auto-lube kit is available to keep drive chains well oiled, reducing wear and extending the life of the chain.

Twine storage

If twine wrap is your choice, we have you covered.

With storage of up to twelve balls of twine, holding up to 50% more than the competition, we'll keep you baling all day.  The 2800 Series round baler twine system features easy routing to the dual tube twine arm resulting in a securely tied bale every time.  This new efficient design gets you in and out of the field sooner.

Hydraulic kicker

Rely on the hydraulic kicker to keep the bale away from the tailgate as it closes for more positive bale ejection.

For more positive bale ejection, rely on the optional hydraulic kicker to keep the bale away from the tailgate as it closes. 
The hydraulic bale kicker gently pushes the bale away from the tailgate.  The advantage of a hydraulically actuated kicker over a spring-actuated mechanism is the hydraulic action gently pushes the bale from under the tailgate, rather than forcefully kicking it out.  Spring kickers can roll the bale too far and unwind the twine off the bale. The bale can roll away; go down a hill, or into an adjoining windrow.
Another advantage of the system is the ejector can be shut off from the operator's seat for precise placement of bales along a fence line, or on a side hill.  Competitive balers usually have a means to lock out their kicker, however they require the operator to get out and manually lock the ejector.

Mesh wrap system

A mesh wrapped bale can be created faster and stored for longer than traditionally twine wrapped bales.

The newly designed 2800 Series round baler wouldn't be complete without a redesigned mesh wrap system. This kit can be factory installed or, field installed if you decide later that mesh is right for you.
This mesh wrap system boasts:
 •the lowest loading height in the industry
•sealed bearings which reduce maintenance and extend the life of the equipment
•the easiest routing and drive system in the industry
•positive feeding and cut-off to minimize downtime
•convenient second roll storage just above the working roll

Open throat vertical chamber

The legendary vertical bale chamber is the cavity formed by the belts which assists in quick bale starting.

The open throat design allows hay from the windrow to flow over the pickup to the stuffer fingers and into the vertical bale chamber without restriction.  The vertical bale chamber is the cavity formed by the belts which assists in quick bale starting.  Variable chamber balers work by varying the chamber size as the bale size increases.  Fewer moving parts mean greater crop retention.

Wide, low-profile pickup

With a wide, low-profile pickup and centering augers, the 2800 Series tackles wide windrows with ease, while maximizing leaf retention.

Look even closer and you'll see the unique design of our super-wide, low-profile pickup – starting with a small-diameter pickup that sticks out further for improved visibility. Higher capacity, positive rotor feeding incorporates side augers to simplify the drive system and provide quieter, more dependable performance. Combine all this with an open-throat vertical chamber and more starting roll bars, and you get a high-throughput baler that can handle whatever your operation demands – whether you're a large dairy farmer, livestock farmer or a commercial hay producer.

By packing the chamber all the way to the edges, dense, square-shouldered bales are easier to produce.  Gauge wheels keep their feet on the ground. Pickup height follows ground contours, so you gather every possible leaf of your valuable crop.  High intake capacity comes from a wide, low profile pickup design similar to that of the industry-leading, MF large square balers.

Baler drives

With fewer, heavier drive chains, the new 2800 Series round baler drive delivers unsurpassed simplicity. That translates into legendary reliability and durability for even the largest operations.
The hydraulic clutch on the 2800 Series balers perform double duty.  Declutching stops all the baler's drives when the bale is ejected and allows the bale forming belts to remain tensioned. The clutch will automatically disengage when the bale chamber is overfilled and it will hydraulically declutch when the tailgate is opened.  When the belts are always tight, they stay aligned and on track correctly, reducing belt problems and lowering overall baler maintenance costs.

Auto-Cycle and Auto-Tie

Standard Auto-tie, or available fully-automatic Auto-Cycle, take the hard work out of building high-quality bales.

Auto-Tie is standard on the 2800 round baler. The system can be set to automatically tie the bale once the selected bale diameter is reached. In  semi-automatic mode, the baler will perform the tie function when the operator pushes the cycle start switch.
The operator-friendly Auto-Cycle starts the bale-forming belts, wraps the bale, de-clutches the baler drive clutch, opens the tailgate, closes the tailgate, and restarts the bale-forming belts.

Quad Cylinders System (QCS)

The only advanced hydraulic system of its kind provides absolute control over belt and bale tension to produce uniform bales.

Features like our exclusive, state-of-the-art Quad Cylinders System (QCS) ensure you have more control over baling, while giving you less to worry about. QCS is the most advanced hydraulic system of it's kind, ensuring belt tension stays consistent, even when ejecting bales, for superior, uniform bale density and less chance of belt misalignment. Staggered belts increase the effect, while also reducing maintenance costs.

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