Disc Mowers

Farmer Series Disc Mowers

The DM1309 at 2.82m wide provides a very sturdy and economical solution to the small and medium size farm without compromising quality and finish.

Ideally suited to farmers with low horsepower tractors or a limited amount of mowing to carry out.

The DM1309 boasts a host of features you would expect to find larger, more expensive machines, including:

A PTO shaft with free wheel clutch transfers the power through a flexible V belt from the tractor to the in-line 7 disc cutterbar

Each cutting head is fitted with a roll pin shear bolt protection, in case obstacles are hit, which can easily be replaced in the field if required

The flat profile is ideal for heavy crops and combines with the standard stone guard and large hardened skid to ensure years of trouble free service

Built to perform under the most difficult conditions

Provides an exact cut and high forage flow without material build-up, leaving fluffy swaths and high quality forage

Disc mowers are available for rear and front mounting and with transports chassis

Model Width (m) Min pwr (hp) PTO (rpm) Discs
DM1309 2.82 60 540 7 discs
DM1358 2.55 54 540 5 large discs
DM1361 3 61 540 6 large discs
DM1362 3.5 68 540 7 large discs
DM1364 4 99 1000 8 large discs with centre suspension

Professional Series Disc Mowers - Rear Mounted

Designed for contractors and larger farms and built to tackle the big jobs. The Professional Series offers many exclusive features that drive high performance and low maintenance, increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.

The Professional Series disc mowers feature individual compact angular gears that provide an extremely smooth power transfer to all discs, resulting in less wear than a conventional gear drive and ensuring a longer and more reliable cutterbar life. Also featuring rupture protection in the event of hitting a large obstacle.

The wedge shaped bar provides the added benefit of a low cut and the ‘Big Disc” design ensures a large overlap which results in a clean cut even in the face of high volume and difficult crops. The modular design enables quick and easy servicing in the field should it be required.

Lateral suspension with controlled lifting cinematic device results in a compact transport position and low transport height.

A quick change knife system is standard on the Professional Series mowers, increasing the efficiency of operation.

As an option for a linkage mower conditioner the DM1358 can be quickly and easily retrofitted with a RC Roller conditioner, while the DM1361 can be retrofitted with a KC Tine conditioner.

Sturdy exterior support guarantees long working life of protective cloths thus increasing operational safety of the machine.

Complete pick-up of forage supported by aggressive conveyor drums and rotating swath former.

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