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Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners

The Massey Ferguson range of professional mower conditioners are designed for contractors and larger farms delivering a smooth power transfer to all discs for less wear on the blades and a longer cutter life.

Model Width Min pwr (hp) PTO (rpm) Discs
DM1383KC 3 90 540/1001 Centre pivot drawbar with swivel hitch
DM1383RC 3 90 540/1000 Centre pivot drawbar with swivel hitch
DM1382RC 3 90 1000 2pl MoCo with Rubber rollers & outer wheel
DM1392KC 3 90 1000 2pl Mo Co with tines & outer wheel
DM1384KC 4 115 1000 2pl MoCo with tine & outer wheel
DM1384RC 4 120 1000 2pl MoCo with rubber rollers & outer wheel
DM1330KC 3 90 1000 6 discs with 2 blades per disc
DM1397KC 8.3 180 1000 2 cutter bars w/ 6 discs & 2 blades per disc
Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners - Trailed Centre Pivot

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners - Trailed Centre Pivot

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners

The MF1383 offers plenty of simple to use features and a proven design with flexibility in differing crop conditions in mind. Whether in a heavy wet silage crop or a delicate lucerne crop it will continue to perform year after year.

Available in 3.0m width with either KC Tine conditioner or RC Roller conditioning units, the MF1383 utilises a swivel hitch and centre pivot frame for the ultimate versatility - mow to the left or right and then tuck in directly behind the tractor for transport.

A simple parallelogram design supports the compact angular cutterbar and KC or RC conditioning unit and provides excellent contour following ability. Simple centrally mounted controls for height and ground contact match the MF1383 to any crop condition.

The robust swivel hitch enables a choice of 540 or 1000 rpm PTO speed and an ability to make extremely tight turns without stressing the drive train.

Professional Trailed 2 Point Linkage

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners - Trailed 2PL

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners - Trailed 2 Point Linkage

The DM1382 and DM1384’s unique design provides the opportunity for wide mowing and narrow transport width by lower horsepower tractors. The proven compact angular cutterbar and KC and RC conditioning units provide an economical, productive and efficient result.

Utilising a two point hitch and side mounted bogie wheel the DM1382 and DM1384 offer a very economical and heavy duty option for wide area mower conditioning.

Utilising either the KC Tine conditioning unit or RC Roller conditioner unit, the 2PL Professional Series disc mowers simply fold out to the working position and then back behind the tractor for transport.

A sturdy main beam suspends the cutterbar and conditioning unit and provides a large area of movement to travel over obstacles with a vertical travel range of 430mm. Cutting height changes are carried out easily from a central crank as is surface pressure which is easily adaptable depending on conditions.

A swivel hitch drive connects directly to the cutterbar with drive shafts to ensure constant working speeds and performance whilst giving the ability to break back 920 degrees should an obstacle be struck.

Edge mowing device for mowing close to ditches and fences - forage is spread from the edge to the field.

Front Mount and Rear Mount Butterfly

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners - Front Mount and Rear Mount Butterfly

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners - Front Mount and Rear Mount Butterfly

The DM1397 rear mounted 3PL butterfly disc mower with KC tine rotor conditioner is a perfect companion to the front mounted DM1330 disc mower conditioner with trailing linkage. Working in tandem the two provide a total cutting width 8.27m allowing you to cover more ground faster. Working together or on their own, these mowers are great for the professional farmer or contractor seeking to maximise the productivity of their machinery.

The DM1397 features free-floating cutting which reduces the load on the support frame, support tube and the three point linkage hitch. It allows for improved cutting quality in uneven ground and smoothly glides along undulations thanks to its turbo lifting system enabling hydro pneumatic discharge and continuous adjustment of bearing pressure on the cutter bar.

The DM1397 disc mower is also fitted with impact SafetySwing protection which can independently swerve back and up around the slanting axle should an obstacle be hit. The slanting axle protects the drive shafts from the damage. Should an incident occur, the mower will return to its working position under its own weight, meaning time time-consuming stopping or reversing is not required.

The DM1330’s cutter bar is mounted at the outermost points on the sturdy support frame to prevent the bar from twisting and to allow for optimum adaptation to the ground contour. This also provides excellent visibility for the operator.

Both mowers feature one-lever operation for quick change at the headlands, making the transition from working to turning fast and simple.

DM1330KC features:

A tine rotor conditioner

Front mounting head-rack with sensible supports follows any contour of the ground

Pulling motion instead of pushing protects the grassland, tractor and mower

Wide bow-shape supporting frame with spring discharging device reduces load of the mower and offers best possible distribution of weight and easy pulling

 Central continuous cutting height adjustment from 3.5m to 7.5m

 Front mower in combination facilities working widths up to 11m.

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