Turbo Tedders

Easy set up, easy use - outstanding results every time

The full range of Turbo tedders is proven to be simple to set up and easy to use, ensuring fast wilting of your crop every time.

Turbo Tedders

With four models on offer including trailed and 3 point linage varieties, the TD Series boasts some impressive features:

A patented linkage centralising device with pendulum brakes providing stability when working and during transport - even on slopes

Integrated sturdy D frame on 3PL models - for long life

1:2 transmission ratio for maximum performance at minimum PTO speeds

 Heavy duty cast transmission cases are fully sealed and lubricated providing quiet and long service

Automatic power disconnects when lifting rotors at headlands to protect the driveline from operator error

Models Width (m) Min pwr (hp) Weight (kg) Hitch
TD1635 5.2 30 597 3PL
TD1636 6.6 41 782 3PL
TD1649 8.6 54 1608 Trailed
TD1651 10.6 54 1676 Trailed
Trailed & Three Point Linkage

Trailed & Three Point Linkage

The MF Trailed and 3 point Linkage is easy set up, easy use - outstanding results every time


Turbo tedders are robust and economic, and offer the highest output and a very long working life.

Each model provides a high-speed transport chassis, mounting to drawbar or hitch and hydraulic follow-up control with single acting hydraulic connection. These are characterised by a wide working width, manoeuvrability and high efficiency. Even small tractors (from 30kW) obtain high efficiency at low fuel consumption.

Three Point Linkage

Massey Ferguson turbo tedders with oscillating headstock, low transaction point and integrated pendular brakes are characterised by high driving stability, even at high speed. The machine is suitable for any type of ground and provides smooth forage preparation and an ideal spreading pattern, resulting in perfect high-quality forage.

Synchronised lifting of exterior rotors by means of centralised hydraulic lifting device and pressure cylinders guarantee optimum function even on slopes - meaning no one-sided loads.

Automatic safety disconnection with free-wheel operation disconnects drive when exterior rotors are lifted beyond intermediate position, this system avoids operation failures and risk of accidents as lifted rotors do not rotate.

Edge spreading on left-hand and right are standard by means of the mechanic edge spreading device with remote control from tractor seat.

Adjusting device for spreading angle on running axle is standard so that the machine can be perfectly adapted to all forage conditions (15° - 18° - 20.5°).

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