MF9005 Series 330 - 459 hp

The ultimate in high capacity harvesting

Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester Range

Massey Ferguson 9005 Series combines feature improved performance, productivity and operator comfort.  All three models are now equipped with the same “Direct High Volume” grain unloading system featured on our MF 9895 Class VIII combines. Image the world’s fastest unloading rate at 4.5 bushels per second – no combine unloads faster.

If you need extra bin capacity, the MF 9795 can also be equipped with an optional 350 bushel grain bin for even greater productivity.  We've even simplified serviceability, with a reliable, refined system that requires fewer belts, augers, chains and gearboxes. Top it all off, your peace of mind is guaranteed with our unique “Header to Spreader” two-year warranty program.

Model Max. Power hp Tank Capacity Total Separation
*Includes 30 hp boost when unloading
MF 9695 330* 10,570 litres Single Rotor - 2.86m²
MF 9795 380* 10,570 litres Single Rotor - 2.86m²
MF 9895 459 10, 570 litres Single Rotor - 3.29m²

Combine Headers

The header you want for the job you want to get done

Take a look at where the combine meets the crop, and you'll see plenty of reason why Massey Ferguson continues to lead the way.

We offer a versatile lineup of headers - each one of them designed and built to deliver unrivalled reliability with easy maintenance under the toughest crop and field conditions.

You can be sure that every header we offer is right for the job, with the durability and performance to match the quality and efficiency of your Massey Ferguson combine.

5100 draper header - for expansive fields of small grain, there's nothing like the model 5100 draper header to keep things running smoothly in an orderly manner.

7200 rigid header - from the cutterbar to the auger, the 7200 rigid header is designed to provide a smooth, even flow of crop material to the feederhouse.

The new MF 9005 Series combines have a self-contained lateral header control system that automatically tilts the header up to 4 degrees to follow changes in ground contour closely with minimal risk of equipment damage while saving more of your crop.

Massey Ferguson also introduces the new model MF 9250 DynaFlex, the industry’s first draper header with a fully flexible cutterbar.  This header increases cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains. This results in increased productivity and performance of Massey Ferguson combines.

The exclusive cutterbar design provides easy adjustment for all crop conditions. Integrated combine mounting bypasses the complexity of hydraulic pumps, motors and hoses common with competitive draper platforms. The draper conveying system allows the crop heads to face the same direction, improving crop flow, feeding and threshing. Smooth crop flow increases combine efficiency, maximizing machine capacity and daily harvested acreage.


Threshing & Separating

Phenomenal threshing capacity

At the core of the MF 9005 range of combines is the huge, heavy-duty Advanced Technology Rotor (ATR), at 700mm diameter on the MF 9695 and 9795 and 800mm diameter on the MF 9895, combined with an overall length of 3.55m on all models.

Hydrostatically driven, the rotor enables a significant boost in operational efficiency to be achieved through its ability to harvest at a constant rotor speed.

The constant speed rotor control system maintains the selected rotor speed even though the crop yield may vary or engine speed change. The rotor can be reversed remotely from the cab to remove any blockage that may occur.

The smooth, flexible three-speed rotor drive gearbox provides selection from the optimum speed range to match the rotor speed and drive torque to the crop harvest conditions. The MF 9695 and MF 9795 are equipped with a two speed rotor drive gearbox.

Cleaning System


The Max Flow Cleaning System

A 1,800 mm long high capacity reciprocating separator pan efficiently delivers threshed and separated grain to the front of the Max Flow cleaning system. Here, a high volume air flow keeps the cleaning shoe area fully pressurised to ensure total separation of debris from the grain for maximum performance in heavy yield conditions.

Any returns material is simply transported back to the main threshing rotor for reprocessing.

Controls are adjustable on the C2000 Virtual Terminal which conveniently displays fan speed at a glance, or from the control on the left rear side of the combine.

Two fan speed ranges are available, providing an even slower speed range for light-weight grains. Select the fan speed that provides just the right amount of air flow to the cleaning shoe for optimum grain-cleaning ability.

Wire and vane-type sieves are matched to the specific combine configuration and crop type for excellent grain sample results.

Grain Tank

Grain Tank

Less time, bigger harvest return

With a grain tank capacity of 12,334 litres on the MF 9795 and 9895 and 10,570 litres on the MF 9695, the MF 9005 rotary combines allow more hours harvesting and less time unloading.

An auger 7.4 metres long, giving a discharge height of 4.34 metres, means trouble-free unloading – away from wide tables and trailer sides.

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Power with efficiency

The AGCO SISU POWER Citius 84CTA engine, used on the MF 9695 and MF 9795, features 4 valves per cylinder for increased air circulation and a central fuel injector for optimised fuel to air mixing within the combustion chamber. A Bosch common rail fuel injection system is electronically controlled for faster load response and excellent fuel economy.

A power boost of 30hp is available on the MF 9695 and 9795 to ensure fast unloading on-the-go without compromising harvesting capacity or output.

The MF 9895 is powered by the renowned 12.5 litre CAT®* C13 engine. A wastegate turbocharger ensures boost pressure is maintained over a wide range, improving engine response under extreme load conditions.

A hydrostatically driven rotary air intake screen provides a large unobstructed flow of clean air to the engine cooling system and engine air intake. This rotary screen is hinged for easy opening and the cooling packages are supported on gas struts for excellent access to those important cooling radiators.

*CAT® is a registered trademark of Caterpillar Inc.

Operator Environment

A quiet, laid-back harvest awaits you

The MF 9005 has the largest cab available on a combine harvester, providing enhanced visibility through tinted glass and a feeling of relaxed spaciousness.

With automatic climate control, the most legroom of any combine cab, air-suspended seat, ergonomic controls and state-of-the-art electronics - you will have the ultimate harvest experience.

Simply select the desired cab temperature and the system automatically maintains the temperature you selected for your personal comfort.

The new high-intensity field lighting package provides the furthest reach you can get. A grain bin light, automatic unloading auger light and automatic back-up lights add to even better night-time visibility.

In-cab Technology

Harvesting and system settings can all be adjusted from one central location thanks to the technology found in the new, easy-to-use C2000 Virtual Terminal – providing a significant boost to operator productivity.

Rotor speed, concave cleaning fan and sieves can all be adjusted on the move from the in-cab C2000 Virtual Terminal. The sieves can also be adjusted from ground level if required.

The colour touch screen display is simple to navigate and easy to read. A video camera input allows two on-board cameras to be viewed through the console screen, enabling the operator to see behind the combine or into a grain trailer.

The MF 9005 range of combines is fitted as standard with the Yield Sensor II and moisture sensor, providing up to date information on crop yield and moisture levels.

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