MF9500 Series 313 - 460 hp

The Next Generation

Ever since Massey Ferguson® introduced the first self-propelled combine in 1938, our commitment to your next harvest has been unwavering.

The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series integrate simplicity, innovative design features, excellent capacity, and unparalleled reliability into a combine designed as a leader in the market, not just a competitor.

Every aspect of our new 9500 Series has been rethought, with many of the features completely reengineered - all in an effort to help you put more clean grain in the tank at the end of the day with less downtime, less maintenance, and less fatigue.

In terms of our MF9540 and MF9560 models, we didn’t just add new components, we designed entirely new systems.

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Model Engine hp (kW) Bulge hp (kW) Unload Boost hp (kW) Grain Tank Capacity bu (L)
9540 370 (276) 426 (318) 426 (318) 350 (12,333)
9560 460 (343) 477 (356) 502 (374) 350 (12,333)


Massey Ferguson offers a versatile line-up of headers with the largest header lift cylinder- for quicker response, and lifting capacity.

MF 4200 Series Pickup Headers: Massey Ferguson 4200 Series pickup headers feature a strong welded one piece frame for a durable long life. Available in a 13 ft. with your choice of a 14 ft. Swathmaster or Rake Up pick-up attachment or a 15 ft. model, with your choice of 16 ft. Swathmaster or Rake Up pick-up attachment, provide a perfect match for the larger combine models.  These headers provide improved feeding by placing the cross auger close to the combine feed chain area.


MF 9250 DynaFlex Draper Headers: Introducing the best of both worlds—flexible cutterbar on a draper header.  Available in 25, 30, 35 and 40 foot widths, the 9250 DynaFlex header increases cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains.  This results in increased productivity and performance of Massey Ferguson combines.

No Adapter Needed: The MF9250 DynaFlex hooks directly to the combine feederhouse without any adapter in between. Two hydraulic cylinders allow to tilt the header 12 degrees to adjust the header for the best cutting angle.

Flexible Cutterbar: The fully flexible cutterbar is controlled hydraulically from the cab and allows for up to 8 in. (203 mm) of vertical travel.

Dual Sickle Drive: A dual mechanical SCH epicyclical sickle drive is balanced for a reduced vibration, higher sickle speed (1,200 strokes/min) and up to 400% increase in cutting torque.

9540/9560 V-Cool™ System

The V-Cool™ system is designed with all cooling packages / radiators in single location. The V design provides excellent cooling operation and performance due to airflow not being forced through multiple cooling radiators.

The variable speed fan drive is controlled by engine temperatures. Reduce cooling fan power requirement due to speed automatically being matched and controlled to the optimum engine and hydraulic system operating temperatures. This makes engine power otherwise used to operate the cooling fan available to drive the main combine and processor. This system provides optimum machine efficiency and reduced fuel costs in lighter crop conditions.

Intelligent Reversing: The intelligent reverse fan drive cleans out the cooling system coolers. The system reverses based on various criteria such as temperature monitoring, speed drop below 1800rpm, time based control, or manually from C2100. This ensures the cooling system inlet is automatically kept clear of blockage in adverse operating conditions. This helps to reduced maintenance time and costs.



C2100 Terminal: The unique C2100 Terminal incorporates touch screen flexibility with a slim line design. The C2100 Terminal mounts "B" post to allow the cab frame within easy customization and reach of the operator.


C2100 Features

  • The C2100 terminal provides a larger 12.1" color touch display screen.
  • 1.6Ghz Mhz processor is 8 times faster for improved touch operation.
  • 1 GB RAM allows for over 30 times more processing; provide quicker navigation.
  • Larger internal memory eliminates need to install a SD card before recording data and ensures that data will not be lost via bad or unformatted SD cards.
  • Yield data remains on monitor even when files are transferred to a USB.
  • USB and additional input ports.
  • The USB thumb drive allows for a more robust memory transfer media that is readily available with no size limits.

Spacious Cab

With optimal visibility including large, electrically adjusted rear-view mirrors, controls placed right where your hands want to go, and a climate control system that keeps you going strong, in heat or cold.

A large cab door makes entry and exit easy. And an exit light with automatic shut off makes it easy at night. The convenient linear shift transmission and ergonomically designed multi-function hydro handle are responsive and precise. And the C2100 virtual terminal is integrated right into the unique command arm which can be adjusted by the operator and moves with the deluxe seat for maximum visibility.

Our 12 Hella High-Intensity field lighting package, provides the most intensity and the farthest reach you can get, with eight stadium high-capacity cab-mounted halogen work lights and a right-hand mounted row finder light. Thats up to 50% more lights than the competition. Adjustable extremity lights illuminate the ends of your header. A grain bin light, automatic unloading auger light and automatic back-up lights add to better night time visibility.


  • Wide door for easy ingress and egress.
  •  Now with a narrow "B" post and 61.2 square feet (5.6m2) of glass area.
  • Spacious cab with excellent visibility.
  • Armrest controls that move and float with seat suspension.
  • New high-back seat with leather and heated option.
  • Tinted glass reduces glare and heat load in the cab.
  • A large, rounded cab visor roof is standard for environmental control and additional lighting support.
  • Twelve halogen lights provide excellent nighttime visibility.
  • Large electric mirrors with a breakaway return offers excellent viewing of the rear.
  • Isolated cab mounts for reduced vibration and noise.
  • Sound absorbing acoustic material throughout for lower internal cab noise levels.
  • Large right hand glass service door opens for console service and accessibility.

Hardworking HP

Our harvesting system demands less horsepower, maximizing fuel economy.

Engine: The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series feature AGCO POWER engines with e3 selective catalytic reduction (SCR) clean air technology to meet the latest T4i emission regulations.

The Massey Ferguson 9520 are powered by the AGCO POWER 84 AWI liquid cooled engine. The 84 AWI (8.4L) engine is rated at 313 hp (234 Kw) for the 9520 @ 2,100 rpm. The engines feature a 9.6% torque rise at 1,950 rpm, yielding a power bulge of 343 hp (256 Kw).

The Massey Ferguson 9540 and 9560 are powered by the AGCO POWER 98 ATI (9.8L) liquid cooled engine. The 98 ATI (9.8L) engine is rated at 370 hp (276 Kw) for the 9540 and 460 hp (343 Kw) for the 9560 @ 2,100 rpm. The 9540 features a 15% torque rise at 1,950 rpm, yielding a power bulge of 426 hp (318 Kw) The 9560 features a 3.7% torque rise at 1,950 rpm, yielding a power bulge of 477 hp (356 Kw) with and unloading boost up to 502 hp (374 Kw).

This engine features:

  • 4 valves per cylinder for increased air circulation.
  • Bosch common rail fuel injection system controlled electronically for better fuel efficiency by the EEM4 electronic engine management software.
  • Wet cylinder liners which are centrally supported and replaceable. The two central supports reduce vibrations of the liners, eliminating the cylinder liners cavitations.


World's Fastest Unloading Rate

Only Two Unloading augers with direct hi-flow unloading vs. turret unloading system (3 augers). Up to 33% less means less chance of grain cracking.


More than 25% faster than the competition. We've delivered the most efficient, productive grain handling system in the world by combining the largest capacity bin available, with the industry's fastest unloading rate peak 4.5 bushel/s (159 L/s). Unload the MF9540/9560 - 350 bushel (12,334 L) grain bin in a mere 88 seconds and MF9520 - 300 bushel (10,570 L) bin unloads even quicker.

9540/9560 Unloading Auger Drive: The shaft driven unloading system on the Massey Ferguson 9540/9560 transfers power directly to the right side of the machine. The system is engaged via a belt directly from the engine. Power is taken through the shaft drives, transferred though a 90 degree gearbox to another shaft onto the right side. Load on the main combine belt drives are reduced with this system. Power is efficiently delivered and provides a reliable drive power transfer system. for maximum machine performance.


Grain Bin Capacity

A cross auger moves the crop to a large clean grain elevator.


Bolt-on rubber paddles carry the grain to the grain tank where a 12" (305 mm) bin fill auger evenly fills the large 300 bu. (10,570 L) grain tank in the Massey Ferguson 9520 and the large 350 bu. (12,334 L) in the Massey Ferguson 9540/9560. At 350 bushels, it's the largest of all Class VII combines and equal or greater than many in Class VIII.
Grain tank extensions equipped with quick release latches fold down easily, reducing the transport height to 147" (3,73 mm) for storage and transporting.

  • Large Grain Bin Capacity: MF 9695 and MF 9795 boast a 300-bushel (10,570 L) grain bin capacity. At 350 bushels (12,334 L) the bin on the MF 9895 is even larger (optional on MF 9795).
  • 12-Inch Bin Fill Auger: A floating clean grain cross auger uses its full diameter to feed the high capacity vertical elevator, and our large 12" (305 mm) diameter bin fill auger allows for even faster material movement.
  • Bin Full Sensors: Two electronic sensors positioned in the grain bin alert the C2000 virtual terminal when the grain bin is at 75% full and again at 100%. Bin filling can also be monitored visually through a window behind the operator and a window in the grain tank extension.
  • Foldable Access Steps: Make it easier and more secure to check your grain bin.
  • Exclusive Two-Auger Unloading System: A 12" cross auger feeds the 15" high-capacity unloader auger.

9540/9560 Stratified Cleaning System

The 9540/9560 stratified cleaning system features almost 9,455 in2(6.10 m2)of cleaning area,with a shorter grain pan for full-length cleaning.With a new adjustable pre-chaffer and an upper air duct, the cleaning system is designed to handle more material.


This system utilizes direct airflow to clean grain and MOG falling through processor concaves and separation grates. As crop falls from the concaves it goes through a stream of air on the way to the pre-cleaning chaffer and chaffer. This design removes MOG out of the rear of the cleaning system before loading the sieves. The 9540 and 9560 feature a massive 13 in. (330 mm) cleaning fan. This large volume of air pressurizes the shoe, providing improved cleaning capabilities and capacity. The new clean grain auger and elevator are changed to increase the capacity of the clean grain delivery by 60%.


MF9540/9560 Mechanical Rotor Drive System

The engine is positioned inline with rotor to provide an efficient simple driveline design.


The heavy duty engine drive coupling ensures a strong reliable transmission of engine power to drive lines. The high efficiency system optimizes power to rotor with minimum parasitic power loss. A hydraulic separator clutch provides a smooth engagement of threshing system and long belt service life.  A Large hydraulic speed variator enables the correct rotor speed to be set for different crop types and conditions. If the belt would need to be changed, it was engineered to be accessible and easy to get to.


9540/9560 Trident Processing System

The heart of the 9540 and 9560 combines is the Trident Processor. The processor includes a newly designed segmented rotor, multi-zone feeding and a processor cage which includes suspended easy-to-change concaves.

The multi-zone intake feeds the 31.5 in. (800 mm) diameter, 140 in. (3,556 mm) long segmented rotor. The segmented style rotor is designed to better control crop flow from feeding to discharge. In this system the crop is threshed and released during multiple passes, gently allowing the grain to fall through the concaves. Any remaining grain is separated from the crop residue by centrifugal force as the crop passes over the separator grates. The harvesting action of the segmented style improves crop quality and reduces losses all well using a lower power consumption.

9540/9560 Multi-Zone Intake: The multi-zone intake housing system allows for three zones of controlled material feeding into the processor. The first zone is on the right hand side which penetrates the deepest to allow the flighting to feed the material in to the threshing area. The second zone feeds material middle to the top and is not as deep as the first zone. The last zone is the shallowest and feed material from the left hand side to the top of the rotor. This multi-zone pattern allows for a even feeding and improved crop quality. The housing naturally transitions material 90 degrees from the feederhouse into the processor allowing for enhanced threshing performance while taking less power consumption.

9540-9560 Segmented Rotor: Segmented elements contact and then release the crop allowing improved separation. Less crop contact in the threshing system results in a less aggressive process. This improves straw quality, reduces over threshing and improves threshing efficiency. In case of an obstruction, damaged is localized to a smaller area for fewer replacement parts allowing for reduced down time and repair costs in the event of accidental damage.

9540/9560 Concave Design: There are a total of 12 concave sections, 6 on each the right and left side. The design allows for a simple attachment and quick installation of the concaves making it easier to remove and change without assistance. The linkage allows concave clearance to remain consistent providing a more even distribution. This prevents uneven material overload onto the cleaning system, improves grain and straw quality all well demanding less power consumption. The exclusive spring loaded overload protection is designed to prevent damage to the processing equipment from foreign objects such as rocks.


Feed System

You'll have up to 33% more support to feed material through system in a smoother, more constant pressure.

Feeding: Our MF 9540 and MF 9560 combines both feature a wide 55.4" (1,408 mm) feed house. The feed house on the MF 9520 is 44.1" (1,121 mm) wide. All combines use a floating front feed drum equipped with a shock absorber to prevent drum bounce and keep the feed chain in constant contact with the incoming crop. MF 9560 and MF 9540 feature four strands, while the MF9 695 uses three strands of number 557 drive chain equipped with long life chrome pins. Large coil tension springs keep feed chains adjusted properly in heavy crop conditions. Heavy duty bolt on conveyor feed slats to keep the crop moving to the full width helical vane front feed conveyer.

9540/9560 Feeding System: With the feeder house now extended 6.4”, the header is more visible to the operator. In addition, the extra space allowed both the fixed and variable header drive pulleys to be increased in size. Combined with heaver shafts and feed conveyor drive, the new system is capable of over 50% more horsepower.

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