Air Cart Maintenance Free Meters

Stainless Steel Lasts a Lifetime

Air Cart

Massey Ferguson Air Carts allow you to precisely, yet gently, deliver seed and fertilizer to all Massey Ferguson Air Drills. A MF Air Cart is the ideal complement to your Single Disc Drill. MF Air Carts feed virtually any seeding tool or fertilizer applicator already on your farm. Choose from ground-driver meters or hydraulic-driven variable rate meters, optional tyre sizes and axle spacing.

Our new ISO compliant monitors offer state-of-the-art technology and are compatible with most other in-cab terminals and many mapping applications technologies. The bottom line is Massey Ferguson provides advanced stainless steel air cars and meters for a lifetime of durable, attractive and low maintenance operation.

Model Compartments Capacity Splits Single Shoot/Double Shoot
9920-280 2 280 bu. (9866 L) 168/112bu. (5920/3946L) Single (Double optional)
9920-335 2 335 bu. (11 805 L) 200/135 bu. (7047/4757L) Single (Double optional)
9930-525 3 525 bu. (18 500 L) 175/225/125 bu. (6166/7928/4404L) Single or Double

Meter Drive

Direct drive hydraulic motors on the meters give you precise metering control with instant response to rate changes on the go. Whether operator directed or if operating from a map, it is simply the most reliable, accurate and responsive of any offerings in the industry. The motors also power the meter for calibration. Calibrating is a simple as collecting a sample from the meter, weighing it, and reporting the weight to the virtual terminal.


The blower, auger and variable rate meters are all managed off one tractor hydaulic circuit. One central hydraulic block with well labled ports makes assembly and trouble shooting easy and less confusing. Pulse width modulated valves reliably and accurately control seed rate. There is a value for each meter.  

Ground Drive System

On all air carts equiped with ground drives, a magnetic clutch allows the drive to be disengaged. The magnetic clutch uses electrical power to hold it engaged. The clutch is turned on and off when the magnetic work switch on the drill relays the status to the ECU on the air cart which in turn signals the clutch. The clutch may also be controlled manually by pressing the Master Work Switch on the virtual terminal in the cab.

Air Delivery System

The high effeciency air system design utilizes 6-inch diameter fans that are powered by a fixed displacemnet piston pump. Large hydraulic lines decrease flow restrictions for less heat buildup under higher fan speeds. All models are standard with one fan and the model 5250 has optional two

Compartments and Lids

Stainless steel construction of the tanks create the perfect environment for long life, corrosion free performance. Nothing that can corrode is used in the manufacture of assembly of the tank and meter. Angled steps shed product so tank cleanout between varieties is as simple as possible. A "dog house" directly over the meter provides uniform, bridge free product flow.  

Operator Safety

All air cart access has operator safety in mind, with grab handles at every climbing point and tread plate platforms for safe footing in all elevated positions. Side rails have double horizontal bars to protect the operator in standing or kneeling postions. The railings are secured in the raised position when operating the air system.  The railings may be lowered for storage if required.  

Load and Unload Auger

The auger is double hinged for exceptional balance, allowing one person to easily load and unload. Unloading and loading are performed with an 8-inch auger on the 9920-280 and a 10-inch auger on the 9930-335. A two position latch pin allows the auger to be deployed just enough for filling or to be deployed fully for unloading. A rotary valve on the auger allows for variable speed of the flighting in either direction.


Front and rear hitches allow any size implement to be trailed in the tow between configuration. Hydraulic hoses an ISO monitor harnesses are supplied to pass through to the towed implement. In the tow behind configuration, the rear hitch is still supplied for pulling NH3 or liquid tanks. A bulkhead is supplied at the rear of the tank to keep all of the umbilical's orderley and ot of harms way.  

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free Meters

Massey Ferguson has re-engineered the metering system so it is virtually maintenance free. Our meter will gently handle all types of seed (including small seeds), yet accurately deliver and type of granular fertilizer without corrosion or excessive maintenance.

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